Muhlis Alper

Company Name : MUHLİS ALPER – Contractor,Enginee, Consultant (Sole Proprietorship)
Company Owner : MUHLİS ALPER
Birth Date and Place : 1951 – Kağızman
Associated Professional Institutions : Ankara Chamber of Civil Engineers – 30.12.1976 / 18620
Registered to : Ankara Chamber of Commerce
Date of Registration : 14.05.1981
Registration Number : No 55/46
Duration of Activity : 30 Yıl
Tax Registration : Kavaklidere Tax Department 057 001 9922
Correspondence Address : Tunalı Hilmi Cad. No:60/13 Kavaklıdere 06660 ANKARA
Telephone : (0312) 426 77 96
Fax : (0312) 467 52 18
E-mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Web :

I graduated from Department of Civil Engineering of Engineering Faculty in Gazi University in 1976. Furthermore, I was granted the Certificate of Specialized Civil Engineer by the Chamber of Engineers due to professional experience.
Following the graduation, I worked as Project Director in the construction of Ulus Office Block by the Special Provincial Administration of Ankara between 1977-1980. I established my own company in 1981 and I have also worked as Project Director and General Coordinator in several projects that my company committed since then. Some of these achievements have been listed in declaration of completed commitments.
Following my graduation, I have worked as Engineer–Contractor in more than 70 projects tendered by several institutions, such as Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Public Works and various provincial managements in 30 years and I have completed them successfully. Concerned Certificates of Commendation I was received have been submitted in the file. I was awarded with Gold Star by Geneva International Quality Institution in 2001, due to the construction of Akyazi Education Facility as Project Director–Contractor, employed by French Red Cross.

Muhlis Alper
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